“To provide an environment for players to excel and reach their full potential.”

​​​​​​​Our service that we provide our academy players include:

  • world class training facilities
  • athlete specific training programs
  • excellent one on one coaching
  • nutrition advice and eating programs
  • professional development around setting up life outside of rugby
  • physiotherapist onsite who works only with the Southland Stags and academy members
  • professional medical team
  • training with the NPC team on a weekly basis

Selected participants will be given the opportunity to fully develop their potential in terms of physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. They will also be given the opportunity to gain the practical skills needed to set goals and maintain balance in their everyday lives.

To be selected for our Academy, players must have the potential to play a higher level of rugby (NPC, Super Rugby, All Blacks and National age grade teams) and they must be motivated and committed to succeed in academic/career aspirations.

My role as Academy Manager is to facilitate the academy programme and act as a mentor for young players. If you have any enquires please contact me via email: